What does it mean Gold Trading ?

Gold trade become of the most important types of trade , debauch gold is considered a global market .

The reason for the importance of gold trading to that the stability in prices in the light of economic fluctuations, as well as the stability advantage enjoyed by gold , gold is characterized profitability satisfactory returns, London and New York, the two largest markets for gold in the world

What is the circulation of gold:

Gold is a kind of currency trading can be done the same way as other currencies and gold … but there is a slight difference, which he can not be traded in gold, but against the US dollar (USD)

Accepted and recognized by the global symbol is (XAU) … the letter X symbolizing the foreign currencies, and the letters AU are symbol for gold ..

Gold Used to invest for a long time, so what is owned by the gold of the value of a resource independently, and what distinguishes Gold also encourages alot to invest in it is that gold is not linked to governments, institutions and private companies, not the subject of any state or market trading markets ,All this encourages a lot on their trading of gold and so beyond and separated from any changes in the economic environment …

When we talk about investing in gold does not mean one type of gold, but gold investment includes ((gold bullion, gold jewelry, gold coins, metal, and other accounts available for gold in the investment world …

Measuring gold trading price method:

The price of gold is measured according to the weight and there is more than one way to measure the weight of gold of more ways to measure the prevalence of weight of gold

Troy ounce

Troy ounce equivalent to about 31.10 grams, while the weight of avoirdupois ounce Viedl 28.35 grams … for example, that the price of gold was 612.97, it means that an ounce of gold traded compared to 612.97 billion US Dulal

Meaning that the higher the price of gold dropped US dollar … so investors and traders use gold as a way to offset profits and losses against the US dollar … so investors have been using gold to counter the effects of inflation and currency rate changes …

There are many elements and the factors that affected the price of gold so you both the intention of trading in gold priced in and took all the precautions of these factors … and the market teaches well and analyzes the gold market must be rolling in gold keen and reckless … it must be rolling interest both From

(Political, economic and social changes of the producers of gold, change the price of gold on the market, the financial crisis, the supply and demand for gold)

Although it is considered the gold for investors and traders of safe ways to invest and what it characterizes the gold that it maintains its price and cohesion amid any economic or social fluctuations,

How gold trading

Will be invested in gold the same way as foreign currencies, gold is traded directly between the buyer and seller through online trading platforms … and so precious coin, not just metal …

Tips and guidelines that must be followed for trading gold

To be able to become a successful trader and shops in the trading of gold you have to adhere to certain things must be in order to become safe during the trading of these things

You must be a trader in gold to have a strategy to invest in gold and you must abide by, you must be a trader in gold to prepare rules for the management of capital invested in gold, and you should walk it is the court during a trading plan

Other tips that should be taken into account: –

First: -Must you a trader in gold outline when trading … there must be a plan that includes the gold market analysis tools …

Second: – trader, you should develop a risk management strategy and the importance of this strategy lies in the protection of capital … It is through risk management strategy shops can determine the amount you want to risk in every transaction …

Third: – trader, you’ll learn how to stop your losses … and stop losses depends on the ratio of the amount by shops

Fourth: – you must be rolling in the gold market to learn how to develop and let her profit more than …

Fifth: – you find you a trader and a trader in the gold market that does not stop learning and learn more about this market and read books and attend educational sessions in order to expand your consciousness in the world of trading in gold … and it will help you take your decisions wisely and study and analysis of the market …

Sixth: – You must be a trader in gold that trades within the boundaries of best of your ability, it is not wise to trade with money you can not afford to lose

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