Mervyn King report on inflation?

Mervyn King report on inflation?

Mervyn King the Governor of the Central the British bank will to submit report to the Minister of the British Treasury about the the expectations of for growth and inflation in Britain.

Expectations Chiraly the preserve British economic growth forecasts, and to modify the negative impact on the inflation report.

That’s where the improvement in many economic sectors in the Kingdom, in addition to the recovery of the global economy, support of non-negative amendment at this stage, although the reports has pointed to this possibility in the past because of the downturn in the European economy in particular.

For inflation, the outlook to negative adjustment due to the drop in oil prices in the world in addition to the decline in commodity prices, however, the expectations are to remain higher than 2%, which is the goal of the central bank, during the next two years. A large part of this inflation is due to a decline in the exchange rate of the pound sterling

Therefore, it is expected to see a lot of pressure on the price of the pound, and if the report came worse than expectation also subject to see a strong declines in the price, and vice versa

Gold Technical Analysis

Building for the long term gold is Bearish and that each time that it is trading lower against the level of 1476. I think that breaking the level of 1418 dollars an ounce will open many of the shorts today and likely declines towards 1403 dollars.

The level of 1430 is a pivotal role in the level of trading today and keep gold trading him outweigh lower than the levels decline until 1416 and 1406 dollars. On the other hand break of 1430 dollars to the top may reflect the trading of gold and likely to rise until 1440 and touching 1455

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