Gold Prices in 2016 ….Does it will have radical change

New global system for trading gold prices

Gold prices giving up its highest level in 12 weeks after the US Fed acknowledged the difficulties faced by the global economy, but ruled that the bank is reluctant to raise interest rates this year.

And smoothness of tone least helped by the Federal occur by the support for the dollar against a basket of currencies at a time when pressed on the yellow metal, which made gains by the grace of the state of anxiety in global markets on China and Europe.

Gold fell in spot transactions 0.7% Thursday to $ 1117.64 an ounce, and was yellow metal has recorded its highest level since the third of November on Wednesday at $ 1127.80 an ounce.
Gold rose in the US February delivery contracts 0.2% to $ 1118 per troy ounce, down from highs during the session, which amounted to 1125.70 dollars an ounce.

And after the Federal Reserve kept US interest rates unchanged, as expected, the authors said the US central policies that the economy is still on track to achieve moderate growth and enhance the strength of the labor market even under the “gradual” increases in interest rates.

This has been the precious metals and other similar pressure as silver fell in spot transactions 0.6% to $ 14.39 an ounce, platinum was down 0.7% to $ 873.65 an ounce, while the price of palladium settled little changed at $ 497 an ounce change.

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