Gold lost in the past week on $ 79 ending a week at $ 1400 per ounce

Gold lost in the past week on $ 79 ending a week at $ 1400 per ounce

We always during the weekly analyzes the importance of technical analysis and the feasibility of its application in the money markets, where gives us a clear picture of what top traders are doing and Market Movers

And guide us to the strongest levels that could be reflected in prices of which will result in a porous or break a fierce price slides due to its strength, hardness and resilience period … These conclusions are easy to float on the surface through technical analysis but not as well as through financial analysis and basic As noted and stressed that these types of analysis give us the general direction of a currency, stock and other Technical analysis is what gives us the best areas of entry and exit at the lowest level of Risk is what actually needs every trader in the money markets.

U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen

If we look quickly at the chart for a couple of the U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen, we find that the U.S. dollar is still in the wavelength emerging seven months ago, where he and every closure Monthly found to achieve a higher level of closure from the previous month and more recently the opening of the candle current monthly at levels of 94.25 yen per U.S. dollar any above the resistance-turned-support because of the penetration and the reality on 94.11 represented a barrier 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the recent wave descending on a monthly timeframe and shown in the graph attached led to reassure dealers to the extent that, despite the move away present price levels of the bottom and without correction little, but they continued to purchase which brought the pair to the resistance levels of current and referenced about the rise of the pair to target and tested it in our article analytical and former located on the areas of 99.84 yen per dollar, which is actually what happened surpassing the price of those levels with nine points during the week before the past and then decline somewhat However, in trading last week, prices fell to levels of 95.76 before they are exposed to wave a great buy curbed landing and pushed him to reach levels close last at levels of 99.48 yen per dollar, ie without resistance levels with 36 points, just that I do not think that penetrate pair during next week’s trading as the bullish momentum began somewhat lax these levels may be is that you will begin including corrective wavelength for the rise of semi-permanent and more than two thousand points over the past seven months … What I would like to emphasize that it is not obliged to start Price wavelength correction from these levels, it is also possible to bypass the targeted levels of resistance following him when areas of 105.57 yen per dollar represented a barrier 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the same wave mentioned above, but what can help us in the weighting screenplay for another is the behavior of the pair during the next week, the found that it is still below the levels of resistance could not penetrate or even surpass it pays dealers for concern then selling فتهبط prices and get into the patch and either the continuation of purchase and the absence of the manifestations and implications of selling which leads to increased design has dealers to purchase and therefore proceed prices and in both cases the current levels are not buying levels despite the bullish momentum.


Indicated in the analytical articles earlier about the importance of support levels main hinge price per ounce of gold and located on the regions of 1523 dollars as the resilience supports the end of the corrective wave that goes by price and then move towards the highest in the bullish wave targeting resistance levels Greater him at the highest levels have been achieved and is located at 1920 dollars per ounce, have referred also to the importance of a stop loss order below these levels a few dollars simple and so for decades purchasing power since the break of this level will result in no doubt slide price reached extends for more than a percent dollars and perhaps more so alerted us a lot and we have emphasized the importance of this matter What we’ve seen over the past two weeks the best proof of the truth of what we have referred to earlier, which we adopted on the basis of technical analysis of exchange without any interference of any kind of other types of analysis which adds technical analysis further evidence on the health of its use in capital markets … The breaking gold prices to levels of 1523 dollars per ounce in the week before last and close at levels of 1487 dollars, below levels of the main support at 36 dollars, which accounted for then 2.3% of the levels of support is a clear indication of the strength of the path downward and complete wavelength corrective walk by Since nearly a year and a half, which saw traders during trading last week, where he opened gold the week past 1479 dollars gap price of eight dollars for closing prices the week before last was the traders to close this gap quickly and then fell on the first day of last week’s trading to levels in 1335 dollars any landing valued at 144 dollars, which accounted for 9.7% of the opening price that day, but he corrected a little bit ahead of closure where he was able dealers to raise prices to levels in 1347 dollars has tried to traders on the second day of trading, continuing price pressure, where they arrived out to Areas 1321 dollars, which crashed into apparently orders a large purchase curbed landing and paid for the correct landing Previous him in four sessions remaining, which led them gold to the levels of 1425 dollars before falling gradually to levels close last when areas of $ 1,400 per ounce and thus the final outcome of the week’s trading is worth declines to U.S. $ 79 per ounce gold, which accounted for 5.3% of the value of the opening of the weekly candle mentioned … What I would like to stress that the probability of the arrival of gold prices to areas of the main support of his first road, which was noted in the past about the target and the reality on the regions of $ 1,300, where is a barrier 50% Fibonacci retracement of the recent wave rising on the time frame weekly shown in the graph annex does not recommend buying Before the arrival of prices to those levels or near the building to be «Technique« given where it is to keep some liquidity to the amendment if the mentioned support is broken or that are entered with an emphasis on SPV attach a stop loss order with an order entry SPV … The sale at the moment is a bit late, but if prices returned to the key resistance levels that have been mentioned above in order to re-test can be in selling orders also provided that accompanied the stop loss orders sits higher than the those resistors little.

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