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Gold is originally from the assets of wealth throughout history because of its rarity and its luster is known, Gold first metal is agreed importance upon between humans love and Aguetinaa considers its procurement in the same trade limit as the price of gold always rises over time, so the acquisition periods is a good trade for gold offers you the website is accurate figures Gold prices today and also in dollars and euros.

Relying on two important factors, namely price change and change the local currency of your country and this is the most accurate site can be relied upon to know the price today for gold which is so distinct sites that provide accurate and updated always service for the latest rates in global and Arab markets In addition, the site is not limited only to one gauge only, but all the shots in terms of the degree of purity – 24 carat – 22 carat – 21 carat – 18 carat – 14 gauge and caliber 10 as shown in the tables You can also identify the gold to any amount of any caliber and any price Unit conversion price of gold in grams and a kilo gram ounce tool change the price by several factors of the most important political and economic factors in the world

Also it considered the price of the dollar, euro  and other important currencies of the most important factors affecting the high and low prices the discovery of the mines and the price of the stock market and buying sentiment, and wars of affected Factors taken into account there are 11 countries in the world produce more than 70% of gold production and are in the order of China, Australia, the United States, Russia, South Africa, Peru, Canada, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Mexico The global gold production of about 2,700,000 produce it China 370,000 kg is gold is the first currency has rights to be traded, followed by silver and copper before being innovation Banknotes and exists in nature in the form of granules or in the bottom of rivers or in the form of veins of gold in the ground also exists mixed  , lead, and as far as purity of Elemental lead and copper worth more than

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