Gold price forecast next week

Gold price forecast next week

Gold prices fluctuate between highs and lows in the recent period is ask everyone … What are the expectations for gold next week whether name market and helps to increase the dollar price of gold again or remain between Altzbz for longer periods?

In a study conducted by the company Kitoko currency trading and minerals on a group of speculators gold showed that trading and expectations of gold for next week will continue to fluctuate, especially since gold failed to break the barrier of $ 1500 again over the past weeks and the lack of buying real in India and China will not be able to replacement of dollars of investment that entered the ETF market.

Said Adrian Day, chairman and CEO, Adrian Day Asset Management after a strong rally in the wake of the collapse of the mid-April, some consolidation at best, a decline in the worst case, is to be expected. ”

And many analysts pointed out that the price of gold may move a little bit but it will not be able to break the $ 1,500 barrier next week.

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