Gold Price

Gold prices declined slightly in Egypt

Gold prices fell slightly today, in Egypt the local markets, where the price of gram 21 carat about 255 pounds. The price of the yellow metal gram 18 carat about 218.6 pounds, and 24 carat about 291.4 pounds, while the pound gold record about 2040 pounds. It is noteworthy that, gold prices fell with the […]

Gold Price In Egypt Today
Gold Price

Gold Price In Egypt Today hit 260 EP

Gold prices in Egypt decline in morning trading, where scored 24 carat gold around 296.76 EP, down two pounds for Prices yesterday that record 298.85 EP, while 21-carat most popular in the Egyptian market around 259.68 EP the same rate of decline of 2 pounds, after hitting yesterday 261.52 pounds . Record 18 carat 222.6 […]