Gold rises amid mounting fears of Greece crisis

Gold prices rose during trading on Monday, along with other safe-haven assets after the failure of the talks on the rescue plan between Greece and international creditors over the weekend, which Athens pay to stand on the edge and the probability of occurrence of disability and thus exit from theRead More →

New global system for trading gold prices

Begins on Friday, March 20th a new global system to determine the price of gold, ending the era of continued system nearly 100 years it was confined to determine the price of gold on the four players only. And since 1919 has been to determine the price of gold throughRead More →

Suitable buying opportunity

Gold prices hit, yesterday evening, declines ranged from $ 5.52 and 6.75 dirhams per gram of different carats, compared to prices late last week, according to published rates in Dubai and Sharjah. The officials said the shops for the sale of gold jewelery, the market has seen an improvement inRead More →

Gold Price decline towards its lowest level in six weeks on Wednesday after losing 1.8 percent the previous day amid hopes in Greece reached an agreement with creditors, which supports the assets with the highest risk, such as stocks. The market is also waiting for the Open Market Committee FederalRead More →

Gold prices in a weak position close to the main levels

Gold prices in a weak position close to the levels of a major re-evaluation amid tensions Ukrainian traders , offering precious metals up amid continued concerns Ukrainian Traders are still closely monitoring the geopolitical risks , including the possibility that the fears surrounding the renewed escalation of the conflict inRead More →