Gold trade become of the most important types of trade , debauch gold is considered a global market . The reason for the importance of gold trading to that the stability in prices in the light of economic fluctuations, as well as the stability advantage enjoyed by gold , goldRead More →

Gold trade and ways to invest

Spot Market And the way in which the senior gold traders and institutions where they buy gold from the big banks. London is considered the most important centers of global market spot gold trading, which sets the price of gold as it is settled transactions at about $ 18 billionRead More →

Is gold still a good investment?

Gold has always been considered a safe haven for investments. When the markets crumbled in the past, investors ran to it for shelter. However, when this asset of last resort suddenly loses its lustre, investors change their tack. After prices of the precious metal plummeted in recent months, investors ditchedRead More →