Why Money Attracted To Swiss Banks?

In this relatively small country, there are 350 banks, the volume of foreign funds in which at least 700 billion US dollars, and some statistics indicate that the coming of the Arab world, money, and stable in Swiss accounts, worth about $ 50 billion. Why Switzerland name usually associated withRead More →

Greece receive aid package next Monday

European Commission announced on Friday that the aid package for Greece – which are estimated at 2.5 billion euros and was completed last Wednesday – may become ready for delivery on Monday. In the 24 of July was the European Commission has decided to postpone the provision of the aidRead More →

Dow Jones

Risen Dow Jones index, or dropped …Can not be completed daily news without that contains the report of the opening and closing market this indicator. But although you certainly have heard reports about the height or decline (DJIA) number of points, you know what these points represent? Then read thisRead More →