Gold Price Bubble

Last week we talk about the view of gold as an asset on the first non-sterile product itself does not generate revenues, we pointed out that with that the price of of gold rises significantly, on average, more than any other investment origin now, does this mean that the ofRead More →

Central Banks Return To Buy Gold

the most important of changes in gold market is the return of central banks to buy gold again, where is the entry of the central banks the world gold market one of the most important developments in the past few years, a development that is liable to happen fundamental changesRead More →

10% increase in sales of used gold In UAE

Gold price in UAE rose yesterday between 2-3 dirhams for different gold carats according to published gold rates in Dubai and Sharjah, compared to prices during the past week, thus achieving gains totaling since the beginning of the Jan. 14 dirhams.. Gold shops owners in Dubai and Sharjah said thatRead More →