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Why gold is moving in a bullish wave right now?

Gold has rebounded markedly since the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates mid-month, in addition to confirming the possibility of accelerating the pace of raising, which raises a question about the logical extent of the trend of precious metal prices, according to a Bloomberg report. Previous facts – Some explain that high interest rates […]

Gold rises to its highest level in three and a half months

Gold settled yesterday near its highest level in three and a half months, with the decline in expectations for interest rate increases In the United States next month, recorded gold in the spot market to $ 1249 per ounce (31 grams), and is approaching the price of the highest level registered since November 2016. And […]

What does it mean Gold Trading ?

Gold trade become of the most important types of trade , debauch gold is considered a global market . The reason for the importance of gold trading to that the stability in prices in the light of economic fluctuations, as well as the stability advantage enjoyed by gold , gold is characterized profitability satisfactory returns, […]

Gold falls after rising by weak US data

Gold price fell on Wednesday to lose momentum due to profit taking after rising in the previous session thanks to US data weakened the possibility of raising interest rates soon. And slowed the US service sector activity to its lowest level in six and a half years in August amid sharp declines in production supply […]

Reasons for falling demand for gold in the UAE

A report conducted by the recent World Gold Council, the demand for gold dropped in the UAE by 26% during the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year, comes this fall to coincide with the rise in gold prices in the region compared to the significant decline in oil prices […]

Gold Ends Firmer on Short Covering, Mild Safe-Haven Demand

Gold Prices in 2016 ….Does it will have radical change

Gold prices giving up its highest level in 12 weeks after the US Fed acknowledged the difficulties faced by the global economy, but ruled that the bank is reluctant to raise interest rates this year. And smoothness of tone least helped by the Federal occur by the support for the dollar against a basket of […]

Gold above 1100 and continued its gains for the fourth consecutive day

Gold jumped above $ 1,100 an ounce for the first time in nine weeks during Asian trading on Thursday as investors to seek safety in the yellow metal amid a sharp decline in global equity markets and concerns about the Chinese economy and the escalation of political tensions. The price of gold in the spot […]

Boom expected to gold sales until the end of 2015

UAE Gold Prices Boom expected to gold sales until the end of 2015

Expected number of traders in the gold sector and the jewelry to see the local market demand in gold sales during the remainder of the second half of this year, affected by what is happening in the oil, currencies and stock markets, arguing that the idea of ​​the fact that gold a safe haven once […]