Gold trade become of the most important types of trade , debauch gold is considered a global market . The reason for the importance of gold trading to that the stability in prices in the light of economic fluctuations, as well as the stability advantage enjoyed by gold , goldRead More →

Gold price fell on Wednesday to lose momentum due to profit taking after rising in the previous session thanks to US data weakened the possibility of raising interest rates soon. And slowed the US service sector activity to its lowest level in six and a half years in August amidRead More →

Gold prices fell slightly today, in Egypt the local markets, where the price of gram 21 carat about 255 pounds. The price of the yellow metal gram 18 carat about 218.6 pounds, and 24 carat about 291.4 pounds, while the pound gold record about 2040 pounds. It is noteworthy that,Read More →